Gladewater, Texas

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Most people have never heard of it...   yet those who have, believe it is a private paradise tucked away among the East Texas landscape. It is considered to be the best kept secret in East Texas. Mrs. Lee's Garden is a 816-acre tract of land that is drastically transformation every February and March. Each spring the acreage becomes a golden haven of beauty. Millions of golden daffodils, scattered over approximately 28 acres, begin to bloom.  Visitors can see all the beauty by traveling along a four-mile trail that meanders around two lakes, between wooded valleys, and around a replica pioneer log cabin.  It is a sight that leaves visitors in absolute awe.

Within the boundaries of this 918-acre farm is a lesson of history, a sermon on the wonders of God's nature and much beauty for people to see.  Due to the hard work, patience and love of Mrs. Lee, for her God, her country and her fellowman, to be able to add to the beauty of nature for all to enjoy as much as she did.

The garden opens, depending on Mother Nature, around the middle of February and remains open through March or until the daffodils are no longer in bloom. The garden's ability to open depends upon two things:

  • Road conditions- it is closed when the roads are wet.

  • The garden's future ability to remain open depends upon the number of people who visit and register their attendance.

The garden is open during this time seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 4:00 p.m..  For Road Conditions and predicted blooming schedule, contact the Mrs. Lee's Daffodil Gardens directly at (903)845-5780 or email. 

When visiting please respect the beauty that is offered for your enjoyment.  Please do not sit on, walk on or pick the daffodils.  Please do not litter while you are here.   Thank you!

Daffodils near Lake Josephine
Log Cabin in Winter



Managed By:

The Helen Lee Foundation 

21600CR 3103      

Gladewater, TX 75647